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Meine Gedichte

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Alter: 24
Geschlecht: Geschlecht:männlich
Anmeldungsdatum: 06.11.2004
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BeitragVerfasst am: Mi 22.01.2014 - 19:53    Titel: Meine Gedichte Antworten mit Zitat

Hallo Leute,

was ich so zeichne habe ich ja schon hier gepostet, von meinen Gedichten wisst ihr aber noch nichts! Wer des Englischen mächtig ist kann sich gerne ein wenig hier umsehen (da ich nur auf Englisch schreibe). Smile


The Demon of Gadara

A haunted chanting is seeping through my wall.
It sings of rotten places and the Crimson Marquis;
I scream:
“Your world is killing me –
Your words are filling me!”
My mind is torn apart as I make this last call.

My walls are churned by visions of a blazing cleft,
Of hollow words and dreaded dreams,
Of demonic herds and rapid streams,
Yet the whispering mocks the bit of me that's left.

The voices consume my thoughts, seeking for freedom.
“They get their way, I fade away –
Oh God, my mind fades to grey!”
And suddenly I understand: “We are many, for we are Legion.”


Twin in the Mirror

I look into mirrors and see your face.
You are watching me from behind a sea.
My mind circles around holding your grace,
Though I know that we are not meant to be.

My trembling fingers try to touch your skin,
In spite of grasping but the mirror's face.
The sea swallowed you with an ugly grin.
Your body melted in its cold embrace.

You are reaching out to clasp my pale hand
As if your world dangled on a frail thread.
The dark sea takes you to the promised land.
Washes over you, drowning you in dread.

I yearn more than anything to live on,
But my heart is cold since my twin is gone.



A thousand eyes that crowd together watching me;
They dance around me singing menacingly.
I cannot strike sails for I have nowhere to flee,
So I sink deeper and deeper into the cold sea.

After all I am not as big as I thought,
And now I am but a kid that never was taught.
A haunting voice pours liquid fears into me,
And a ghostly wind churns my skin viciously.

A thousand souls cry that are held in my chest.
I was sailing to find a place for their eternal rest,
But now I am trapped here, they bulge my skin,
They surge against me, my hull is ailing.

A thousand hellfires burn me down in a flash.
My eyes are adust so I can never see,
What lies before me and what I could be,
And a thousand souls that will never find rest.

"Deep, deep into the Black Forest there stands
what some call a nuthouse, a mad man's land."

- Einleitung zu "Mad Man Steve": read more
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