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Titel Version Beschreibung Author Download Website
Admin Users List 1.0.1 This MOD instroduces a new way to administer your users Very powerful and very convenient You do not need to look up anyone. Smartor
Attachment Mod Addon 1.0.2. Display all of your Attachments on a forums basis. It's similar to the memberlist. Acyd Burn
Attachment Mod v2 2.3.13 This Mod adds the ability to attach files in phpBB2. Acyd Burn
Birthday - Mod 1.5.4 This mod will add a birthday field into your user's profile and make users age viewable to others when viewing posts. Niels Chr. Rød
CBACK CrackerTracker Pro 5.0.3 Dieser MOD Blockt einige gängige Wurmattacken auf phpBB Foren. Dieser MOD blockiert Wurmzugriff auf dem Board, die Dateien schützen sich dynamisch, somit sind auch ständig wechselnde IPs kein Problem mehr. Außerdem wird ein kleiner Angriffslog erstellt. Christian Knerr
Center-Mod 1.0 Mit diesem Hack kann man bequem per BBcode Button Text zentriert darstellen Acid
Closed Category Mod 1.0 This allows users to open/close categories and it will save their option. Also allows admin to set a default setting. Phantom
DB Maintenance 1.3.3a This Mod checks and fixes inconsistencies and errors in the database Philipp Kordowich
Gender Hack 1.2.6. This mod will add a Gender field into users' profile, and display "Gender: |image|" in posts too. Niels Chr. Rød
Generation Creation 1.0.0 Fina This adds >>phpBB Created this page in 2.902957 seconds : 16 queries executed : GZIP compression disabled << at the very bottom of every page Brewjah
HP/MO/EXP Mod 3.5 beta This mod adds an rpg-like level, hp, mp, and exp rating to a user's profile, and under their name in their posts. Level: a user's level is based on how many posts the user has made. This should be able to scale up indefinitly. HP: represents how active the user is. max hp is based off level, current hp is based on how often the user posts. MP: represnts how quickly the user posts. Max mp is based on level, each post costs mp, and mp regenerates over time. Exp: a percentage showing how many more posts the user has to make to get to the next level. Jon Borzilleri
Last topic title index 1.0.0 Gives the topic title in the last post box on index. Adam Ismay
Merge Topic Mod 1.4 Moderator will be able to move a topic to an already running topic. And a moderator is able to move individual posts to a runnning topic Frank Doerr / Loewenherz
Mods Database Mod 0.1.3 beta Allows admin to add installed MODifications in his forums to a list. Stefan Paulus
Number of new posts in indexlink 1.0.0 Adds the number of new posts after the link on index page to view new posts. Adam Ismay
Online-Status 2.2.0 Users online status all over. Adam Ismay
Overall Forums Permission 1.0.2. This Mod can set permissions for all your forums with just one screen Smartor
Post Count Resync 1.1.0. This is an admin module for the ACP system. It will allow you to resync all user's post counts to their correct figure. Adam Alkins
Prune users 1.4.3 Admin plug-in that makes it posible to delete users who are inactive/haven't posted or like. Niels Chr. Rød
Sort memberlist per letter 1.0.1 This enables people to search for users that have their name starting with a specific letter. You can also choose "others" (meaning non-alpha characters), and "all" (the regular list). Freakin' Booty
Statistics Mod 2.1.5. The Statistics Mod is a complete statistics core for your phpBB 2 board. Acyd Burn
Today At/Yesterday At 1.2.1 Will show Today At if the post was posted today, Will show Yesterday At if the post was posted yesterday blulegend
Today Post In DateStamp On Index Page 1.0.0 This MOD will allow you to have a 'Today at:' in your "Last Post" on index.php John B. Abela
Topic in Who is online 1.2.9 This mod will make it possible to view exactly witch topic a user is looking at. The information is applyed in the Who-is-online list. Niels Chr. Rød
View Recent Posts 1.0.3 This mod allows viewing recent posts directly from the index page. It introduces a new 'View Posts from previous ' on the main page, directly below the 'View unanswered posts' link. The selection box has the standard search selections (1 day/1 week/2 weeks/1 month/3months/6 month/1 year) and defaults to '1 day'. Matthias C. Hormann
Who posted 0.1.2. This add-on adds allow you to know how post in a specific topic without view it. A link is added into the 'replies' column. Edgardo Rossetto webhosting

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