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Forum - Update geplant :: Aktuelle Infos und Bitten

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Alter: 49
Geschlecht: Geschlecht:männlich
Anmeldungsdatum: 13.07.2001
Beiträge: 3938
Wohnort: Vega rechts abbiegen + 16 LJ

BeitragVerfasst am: Do 15.04.2004 - 10:18    Titel: Forum - Update geplant :: Aktuelle Infos und Bitten Antworten mit Zitat


das Forum hier läuft mit der Software phpBB 2.0.3. Da inzwischen einige Updates erschienen sind, die die Software auf die Version 2.0.8 bringt. Insbesondere werden eine Reihe von Sicherheitslöchern beseitigt. Vom Design her ändert sich recht wenig.

Das Testforum - basierend auf einer Kopie der Datenbank des Forums hier von Anfang Januar - steht und wird von den Mods und Admins aktuell getestet.

Wer Interesse hat, uns bei den Tests zu unterstützen, kann sich per PN an mich wenden. Wichtig wäre es für mich, dass sich User finden, die über den Provider AOL surfen, da AOL hin und wieder Probleme bereitet.

Über diesen Thread werde ich Euch über die weiteren Entwicklungen informieren.

Webmaster | Admin

Zuletzt bearbeitet von Thies am Di 18.01.2005 - 22:59, insgesamt einmal bearbeitet
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Alter: 49
Geschlecht: Geschlecht:männlich
Anmeldungsdatum: 13.07.2001
Beiträge: 3938
Wohnort: Vega rechts abbiegen + 16 LJ

BeitragVerfasst am: Do 15.04.2004 - 17:59    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Hier mal die Details, was sich seit der Version 2.0.3, die noch im Einsatz ist, alles an der Software getan hat. Die Änderungen bei den eingebauten Hacks und Mods folgt a.s.a.p:

Changes 2.0.7 -> 2.0.8
  • Fixed several vulnerabilities in admin pages
  • Fixed sid checking code in admin/pagestart.php
  • Fixed injection vulnerabilities possible with the img bbcode tag
  • Limited allowed images in img bbcode tag to jpg, jpeg, gif and png
  • Fixed redirect problems - 2.0.7a
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability in search - 2.0.7a

Changes 2.0.6 -> 2.0.7
  • Fixed several vulnerabilities in modcp - Robert Lavierck
  • Changed whois lookup address within admin index
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in viewtopic postorder - 2.0.6d
  • Updates to cope with Zend Optimizer 2.5 problems - 2.0.6d - jetset
  • Force specialcharing of redirect variable in login - Pit
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in viewtopic postdays - GulfTech Security Research
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in viewforum topicdays - GulfTech Security Research
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in modcp
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in avatar gallery

Changes 2.0.5 -> 2.0.6
  • Fixed various email issues
  • Fixed registration email bug with Administrator Confirmation used
  • Fixed mass emailer
  • Fixed long post time issue
  • Fixed bug with usernames containing single quotes
  • Fixed word list bug - Word boundaries were not considered
  • Fixed vulnerability in style admin
  • Fixed sql injection vulnerability in viewtopic
  • Fixed vulnerability allowing server side variable access in search - tendor
  • Fixed potential vulnerability in 2.0.5 login username entry - throw away/eomer
  • Fixed sql injection with reset date format field in profile - tendor

Changes 2.0.4 -> 2.0.5
  • Removed user facing session_id checks
  • Fixed user self-activation after deactivation
  • Fixed incorrect functioning of phpbb_realpath
  • Fixed wrong path to database schema files within the upgrade script
  • Fixed double quote problem with username validation
  • Allow & within email addresses
  • Fixed email validation for banned email addresses
  • Removed underline from email domain validation
  • Fixed redirection for sentbox folder, installation and email
  • Fixed poll deletion
  • Fixed Mozilla navigation bar
  • Fixed URL bbcode parsing
  • Fixed database timeouts while searching the forums
  • Fixed wrong email return path in admin mass mailing - netclectic
  • Fixed MS-SQL failures within the update script
  • Fixed memberlist sort order
  • Fixed not showing leading spaces within Code BBCode
  • Fixed problem with adding double quotes to subject titles
  • Remove username input field from profile when user cannot change name
  • Fixed pagination error with highlighting
  • Fixed errors if no smilies are installed
  • Fixed CSS issues with IE 5.2 on MacOS X
  • Fixed missing sid propagation problem within the Moderator Control Panel
  • Fixed language variables within Authentication error output
  • Removed doubled CSS class definitions within input fields
  • Fixed username change within the Administration Panel
  • Added missing <tr> tags to index_body.tpl
  • Added missing username language variable to admin index page
  • Fixed moderator status update if a usergroup got deleted
  • Fixed poll handling upon post edit
  • Fixed remove common words from search table if post get pruned - Nuttzy99
  • Fixed behaviour on splitting topics if no checkbox is selected
  • Anonymous is no longer displayed within Username dropdown boxes
  • Fixed viewprofile redirection if an invalid mode was specified
  • Fixed fraction settings within determining common words - Novan
  • Prevent admin change usernames to his own within the ACP
  • Activation email is sent to all admins
  • Fixed conversion of & to &amp; in appropriate cases
  • Fixed display of "greater than topics per page" announcements preventing display of normal posts
  • Added variable checks to database backup and restore screen
  • Prevented pm popup window from resetting after visiting avatar gallery
  • Fixed special character handling with word censor
  • Added SID to jumpbox
  • Fixed problems with usernames using html special chars
  • Added GMT + 13 to English lang_main, all translators are encouraged to do likewise
  • Deleted doubled 'U_MEMBERLIST' assignment from page_header.php
  • Fixed wrong display of Signature Checkbox while editing Private Message
  • Fixed disappearing post text if emoticon was inserted directly after pressing a BBCode button
  • Display correct alt-tag for smilies within postings
  • Prevented the ability to apply BBCode to website contents
  • Fixed maxlength issue with password field in login_body.tpl
  • Fixed possible username duplication issue with validation and username length
  • Fixed split words function to handle additional foreign characters
  • Changed empty email To Field to use a non-disclosure delimiter
  • Fixed wrong language var in install.php - FTP Config screen
  • Fixed alt tag for locked topic images in viewforum_body.tpl
  • Fixed typo in groupcp.php - $lang['Unsub_success'] instead of $lang['Usub_success']
  • Fixed timezone display
  • Fixed wrong display of author quote tag within profile - Cl1mh4224rd
  • Added deletion of sessions of users whose account is deactivated
  • Added mail header X-MimeOLE to the emailer class
  • Prevent registration if user is logged in or user trying to register again
  • Prevent usage of char(255) in usernames
  • Added check for additional FORWARDED_FOR IP's - cosmos
  • Fixed handling of non-selection of option when voting
  • Fixed potential xss issue with memberslist mode
  • Default English support for visual confirmation - translators are encouraged to support this

Changes 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4
  • Fixed cross-browser scripting issue with highlight param
  • Back-ported highlighting code from phpBB 2.2
  • Add session id validation to posting, profile, email, voting - Edwin van Vliet
  • Added {S_HIDDEN_FIELDS} template var to profile_send_email.tpl
  • Added "intval" fix for flood check, may resolve some issues
  • Added missing index to post_id for search_wordmatch
  • Fixed spelling error in search add words preventing use of stopword list
  • Fixed issue with search common words not being run
  • Introduce viewtopic resync patch by Ashe
  • Replace a for n in templating code
  • Fixed ordering in memberslist
  • Fixed group_id sequence issues with pgsql and msaccess
  • Fixed assumption of word censors in user notification
  • Fixed incorrect display of quotes in user management fields
  • Fixed entry of special chars in all profile fields - note this may cause temporary issues
  • Fixed incorrect display of quotes when using avatar gallery
  • Fixed missing username in email sent to users when admin activated
  • Added check for non-empty smiley code and url in smiley admin
  • Prevent display of -- sig seperator in emails when no board sig exists
  • Fixed URL propagated sid issues with jumpbox
  • Fixed wrong mode name check (polldelete) in functions_post
  • Added missing root path to l10n image path check
  • Remove validation of fields when deleting a user
  • Fixed sort mode select box in memberslist to default to current mode
  • Deny inline topic review listing to users without auth_read permissions
  • Prevent display of topic notification checkbox if user cannot read forum
  • Remove incorrect pre-pending of IP to uploaded avatars
  • Fixed deletion of uploaded avatars when changing to remote/gallery
  • Added check for non-blank line during install schema/basic sql ops
  • Added sort ordering to Top Ten poster listing by request
  • Fixed incorrect error report when altering case of username
  • Added jumpbox output to modcp {JUMPBOX} will now work
  • Fixed non-updating of users with MOD levels when deleting a forum
  • Remove email to group moderator when approving new members
  • Fixed non-handling of HTML in poll options
  • Fixed non-deletion of polls when deleting forum and its posts
  • Fixed moved shadow topic from being bumped upon reply
  • Changed field size of timezone to decimal(5,2) where applicable
  • Fixed missing sid append to URL when redirecting to newest reply
  • Fixed missing slashes in private IP preg check
  • Fixed session not setting userdata['user_id'] to ANON as appropriate
  • Added check for non-empty name in disallow admin
  • Fixed validation of SSL website addresses in profile
  • Fixed inability of admins to upload avatars via user admin panel
  • Fixed non-deletion of private message text upon full box overwrite
  • Fixed incorrect error message in smiley admin
  • Fixed incorrect alt-text for "Stop Watching Topic" image
  • Temporary fix for missing lang strings in forum admin - translators should update their packages if not done already
  • Use selected localisation during later stages of installation
  • Fixed non-check of permissions when deleting a topic via Moderator Control Panel
  • Fixed non-update of banlist upon user deletion
  • Check approved users boxes by default in usergroup approve form
  • Fixed non-appending of sid to backup meta refresh
  • Fixed non-notification of no support for certain databases in backup/restore
  • Added $images var to message die global declaration
  • Fixed wrong string, Private_message in Private Messaging
  • Add mail send result to error output
  • Fixed non-appending of sid to Mozilla nav bar menu items
  • Fixed incorrect profile linking from MSNM url in private messaging
  • Grammatical errors in English lang_main fixed - Cluster
  • Allow deletion of avatar and simultaneous upload/linking/gallery selection
  • Fixed non-updating of user rank when changing from special to normal rank in rank admin
  • Changed user topic notification default in schemas to 0 (off)
  • Fixed non-XHTML compliant img tags in privmsg.php
  • Fixed non-deletion of announcements and polls when removing forum contents in forum admin
  • Fixed non-pruning of watched topics table when pruning related topics
  • Enable GET redirect on logout
  • Added check for IE6.x to viewtopic ICQ indicator javascript
  • Fixed empty username quoting with MS-SQL
  • Fixed BBCode url, magic url and img tags to allow most chars beyond domain names
  • Prevent parsing of -ve size values in BBCode size tag
  • Back ported HTML handler from 2.2, this may impact some boards which allow complex HTML - existing parser remains but commented out
  • Fixed parsing of word censors to not censor words within < and > tag delimiters
  • Fixed database utilities failing to backup data with MySQL
  • Fixed signature parsing in User Admin
  • Fixed missing class="post" tags in subSilver Admin templates
  • Fixes for paths under Apache2
  • Added wrap text with tag support for posting in Mozilla 1.1+
  • Fixed use of missing CSS classes in modcp_split, group_info_body, error_body and agreement
  • Fixed ability of users to edit polls even after they have received votes
  • Fixed header Location to be absolute URL as per HTTP 1.1 spec - noted by PhilippK
  • Added additional session_id checks to MCP, topic subscription, PM and similar items
  • Fixed colour select box in posting_body to reset to Default colour after selection
  • Altered PM icon to show new image until messages have been read
  • Fixed incomplete deletion of PMs when removing the associated user
  • Fixed unread and new PM user counters to decrement appropriately in all situations
  • Fixed possible cross-site scripting issue with username search
  • Fixed some problems with gzip in combination with newer PHP versions and Mozilla
  • Fixed wrong maxlength in modcp_split.tpl subject field
  • Fixed inability to edit username of guest poster - vHiker
  • Fixed ability for guests to post with certain registered usernames
  • Fixed various HTML issues to improve XHTML compliance - Daz
  • Fixed missing template var {L_PM} for memberslist - Daz
  • Fixed wrong key name for $images['Topic_un_watch'] - Daz
  • Fixed missing template var {S_WATCH_TOPIC_IMG} for viewtopic - Daz
  • Fixed missing default constraints for post table under MSSQL
  • Fixed incorrect field size for forum pruning - preventing days > 256
  • Fixed continuing redirect issues for broken web servers, e.g. IIS+CGI PHP
  • Fixed inability to use ftp as a protocol for the [img] tag
  • Fixed incorrect handling of [img] tags containing %20 encoded spaces
  • Added check for . within cookie_name, change to _ if present
  • Added SHOW_ONLINE constant to limit "users online" code operation to index and viewforum
  • Added "temporary" workaround for Apache2 + PHP module ignoring "private" cache header
  • Added workaround for modcp IP lookup and links to Anonymous user profile
  • Fixed broken bbcode parsing of quotes containing bbcode in the "username"
  • Fixed excess slashes in [quote=""] first pass encoding
  • Fixed rendering issue with quote button under Mozilla - Daz
  • Grammatical errors in remaining core lang files fixed - Cluster
  • Fixed bbcode quote breaking when username contained ] before [
  • Fixed duplicate group_id error during upgrade of users from phpBB 1.x
  • Fixed stripslashes() problem with the conversion of the config table from phpBB 1.x
  • Rejiggled validation code, may eliminate "Username disallowed" issues
  • Fixed differing initial "public" setting of forum permissions between different files
  • Added check for invalid (non-compliant) email addresses to upgrade script
  • Further redirect workarounds for broken servers, please direct further issues to the vendors
  • Added GMT + 13 to English lang_main, all translators are encouraged to do likewise
  • Added switch to default_lang email template if user lang template no longer exists
  • Fixed javascript error when selecting smiley containing a single quote
  • Update users watched topic if a post they made is split into a new topic
  • Fixed situations where email templates contain incorrect or missing subject lines
  • Fixed error when searching for posts and no forums exist
  • Fixed potential SQL vulnerability with marking of private messages - Ulf Harnhammar


Webmaster | Admin
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Alter: 49
Geschlecht: Geschlecht:männlich
Anmeldungsdatum: 13.07.2001
Beiträge: 3938
Wohnort: Vega rechts abbiegen + 16 LJ

BeitragVerfasst am: Do 15.04.2004 - 18:25    Titel: Antworten mit Zitat

Hier Infos zu Mods / Hacks, die auf die neueste Version gebracht wurden:

Statistic Mod - Update von v.2.1.2 -> v.2.1.5

## v2.1.5 - 2002-02-05
##   - bugfix: old language layout again allowed.
##   - bugfix: security adjustments to the most active topics, most viewed topics and top attachments modules.
##      if cache was used, users were able to see hidden topics or attachments
##   - bugfix: smilies module adjusted, now only one method is really allowed (smilepref to 0)
##   - more little bugfixes
## v2.1.4 - 2002-12-01
##   - fixed bug: Smilies Module (should be more time intensive but 'very' accurate)
##   - fixed bug: Condition setting within Top Downloaded Attachments Module
##   - Added install-switch to the module info parser (no need to parse some things on statistics page generation)
##   - fixed bug: Admin page Module Preview
##   - fixed some template issues
##   - module loop changed to be more stable through the page generation.
##   - fixed bug: escaping single quotes
##   - fixed templates (row colors) for nearly all provided modules
##   - Old Modules (Those from Statistics Mod Versions prior or equal Version 2.1.2 will not work... you are receiving an error now)
##      All Module Authors should upgrade their Modules to be Version 2.1.3/2.1.4 compatible.
##   - Other minor bugfixes not mentioned here
## v2.1.3 - 2002-11-11
##   - fixed bug: caching screws up themes and language variables
##   - speed increasements
##   - fixed issues with Admin Language Part
##   - Re-done the complete caching mechanism
##   - Module Coding Guidelines and Explanation of this new mechanisms: docs/module_coding_guidelines.html
##      or
##   - added a condition setting to the Installation, Module Authors are able to re-check Requirements now
##   - added a setting to check the needed Statistics Mod Version for a Module

Gender Hack - Update von v.1.2.0 -> v.1.2.6

##   2003-12-12 - Version 1.2.6
##      - phpBB template & EasyMOD compliance enhancement
##      - Arabic, Dutch, Estonian, French, German, Hungarian,
##        Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Lithuanian,
##        Polish, Portuguese Brazil, Russian, Spanish & Turkish
##        translations now provide with the MOD
##   2003-08-05 - Version 1.2.5
##      - Part 1 & part 2 merge in a single how-to
##      - Add French translation
##      - How-to rewrite to be EasyMOD compatible
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.4
##      - admin/admin_users.php added range check
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.3
##      - confirmed for phpBB2 ver 2.0.5 by "kooky", no change needed
##      - changed for ver 2.0.4
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.2
##      - changed a FIND tag
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.1
##      - correct a type in the how-to

Who is online-Mod - v.1.2.6 -> v.1.2.9

##   2003-12-23 - Version 1.2.9
##      - phpBB template & EasyMOD compliance enhancement
##      - Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian,
##        & Spanish translations now provide
##        with the MOD
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.8
##      - now EM ready
##   ????-??-?? - Version 1.2.7
##      - changes made for phpBB2 2.0.5.

Birthday Mod: v.1.3.12 -> v.1.5.4

##   2003/12/10 - Version 1.5.4
##   - changed the sql into index.php, with a more standart sql
##   2003/12/07 - Version 1.5.3
##      - phpBB template & EasyMOD compliance enhancement
##      - Chinese Traditional Taiwan, Dutch, Estonian, French,
##        German & Thai translations now provide with the MOD
##   2003/10/13 - Version 1.5.2
##      - corrected index.php, allowing  lookforward set to 0
##   2003/08/27 - Version 1.5.1 
##      - Corrected the how-to for Subsilver -> subSilver,
##        making it work on *NIX OS
##      - corrected the how-to for usercp_viewprofile.php, to
##        make it work beter with the ADD-ON's
##   2003/08/27 - Version 1.5.0 
##      - Now ready for 2.0.6. and EM
##      - merged part 1 and part 2, now only one larger "how-to",
##        part 3 and 4 will be renamed to "ADD-ON" 1 and 2
##   2003/08/03 - Version 1.4.21
##      - fixed a language isue with the new code in functions.php
##   2003/08/02 - Version 1.4.20
##      - corrected the how-to, regarding file functions.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.19
##      - corrected 1.4.18. update (index.php)
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.18
##      - corrected 1.4.17. update (functions.php/index.php)
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.17
##      - change some code, witch should respond faster
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.16
##      - confirmed for 2.0.5. by "kooky"
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.15
##      - corrected the find tag once again, SECURITY RISK
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.14
##      - changed a find tag, witch was giving some users truble
##        using, if other mods
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.13
##      - cosmetic changes
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.12
##      - corrected a misbehaiver, if user was registering and
##        a error occoured
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.11
##      - corrected a typo in the usercp_register, regarding
##        popup messages
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.10
##      - removed a free_result, since mySQL 4.x users did
##        have problem with this
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.9
##      - fixed a problem, if avartar is viewed in user edit,
##        and no birthday was selected
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.8
##      - changed a find tag in usercp_register.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.7
##      - improved page_header.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.6
##      - made it posible to specify user must submit birthday
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.5
##      - made 2 tags identicall
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.4
##      - still some typos in the how-to regarding $n / $i in
##        viewtopic.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.3
##      - corrected zodiac in viewtopic, so if no birthday,
##        no zodiac is showen
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.2
##      - corrected the viewtopic.php, zodiac should only be
##        inserted, if part 3 are installed
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.1
##      - cosmetic change in viewtopic_body.tpl
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.4.0
##      - confirmed for ver 2.0.4, change in usercp_register.php,
##        lang_main.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.3.16
##      - '//' is changed to '//W' in functions.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.3.15
##      - users birthday was "reset" if other errors occour
##        in usercp_register.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.3.14
##      - a $$ is changed to a $ in index.php
##   ????/??/?? - Version 1.3.13
##      - fix, date of 1. was showen as last day in previous month

Attachment Mod - v.2.3.3 -> 2.3.9

   2003-08-30 - Version 2.3.9
      - Fixed possible XSS vulneribility - FX
      - Fixed Bug: filename (input field) got not deleted after adding a file
      - Changed default quota priority from group/user to user/group
      - Added GD2 compatibility switch to Special Categories Screen
      - Added version number to Attachment Mod ACP Controls
      - Updated pre-modded files to phpBB 2.0.6
      - Fixed non-saving of configuration variables if cache folder is there and not writable
      - Admins are no longer able to attach files to Private Messages, if this is disabled board wide
      - deleted all occurrences of attach_sql_query calls - mainly for compatibility
      - deleted attachment explain code - attachment debug addon is no longer available (please remove this from your board)
      - updated slideshow addon (if you update, please replace your old slideshow.php with the new one)

   2003-06-19 - Version 2.3.8
      - Fixed security bug - able to execute code on the client side
      - Removed: auth_read permissions to be set with auth_download
      - Fixed bug: thumbnail creation
      - Fixed bug: download with Mozilla
      - "Delete no longer used thumbnails" added to Synchronize Attachments Screen

   2003-03-09 - Version 2.3.7
      - hopefully fixed issues with the admin panel and hoster unable to correctly setup apache+php
      - added post id (and user id) sync to the Attachment Synchronization Panel
      - fixed user id assignment bugs within editing posts
      - adjusted thumbnail functions to be more error-proof.
      - fixed wrong display and deletion of Private Message Attachments within the User ACP.
      - changed header order in download.php and send content-length
      - add cryptic filename support (you have to manually enable this one within the posting_attachments.php file)
      - integrated the download_secure mechanism into the download.php file (commented out)
      - fixed bug with zlib.output_compression enabled (within PHP or Apache)
      - fixed general ob_gz_handler() issues with compressed files. Now re-compressing should not occur.
      - added Slideshow/Photogallery (available as Addon) - vHiker (see addons/slideshow_mod/install.txt)

   2003-02-03 - Version 2.3.6
      - added session id check to user attachment control panel
      - fixed bug: language selection error within user attachment control panel
      - fixed bug: unable to download files with ftp uploading enabled
      - fixed postgresql issue in admin panel
      - viewtopic_attach_body.tpl file now XHTML compatible
      - fixed some html issues in viewtopic_attach_body.tpl, should work with all browsers now
      - fixed bug: typo for message_die in shadow attachments screen
      - fixed file listing issues with ftp setups
      - fixed bug: no quota settings in user admin panel (only occured on direct url access)
      - fixed quota boxes, limited the graphic bar to 100%
      - fixed bug: if admin view users profile, his quota limit box is displayed instead of user ones
      - fixed bug: rules window not worked if Attachments within PM's was disabled and Admin tried to send PM.
      - html fixes for some tpl's, mainly checkbox entries
      - fixed bug: PM's with more than one Attachment not correctly duplicated (sentbox)
      - fixed bug: PM attach quota box display conditions, sometimes the box was not displayed
      - adjusted delete function to be compatible with all modes of id assignments (array, comma seperated, one value)
      - if no attachments are assigned in uacp, just display no attachments instead of an error message.
      - fixed bug: no more than 2048 MB in Quota Limit Management assignable
      - updated .htaccess file for more security
      - updated the contrib/download_secure.php file (backported the fixes made within the download.php file)
      - added file icons (see contrib/readme.txt)
      - added two additional viewtopic_attach_body.tpl files (see contrib/readme.txt)

   2003-01-17 - Version 2.3.5
      - on language include error fall back to board language instead of english
      - fix for non-working shadow attachments screen (only affected by boards with more than 200 Attachments)...
      - fixed some path assignments
      - Attachment Synchronization fixed, should not time out now
      - fixed download counter for streams and flash files
      - fixed check for receivers PM Quota Limit
      - fixed issues with boards setting the Filesize to Unlimited
      - fixed bug where Files got not attached if Post errors occured (If topic title is not defined for example)
      - fixed issues with Synchronize Attachments on MSSQL
      - fixed a little typo preventing display of comments within Preview Window
      - fixed non-deletion of attachment description entries on some circumstances
      - fixed determining of PM Quota (Receiver and Sender)
      - fixed issue with the updater and postgresql (unable to insert config values)
      - fixed issues with not recognising values correctly
      - suppress warning message if the function exec() is disabled
      - do not use imagemagick (instead use GD) if the path within Special Categories is empty.
      - adjusted Installation Instructions for phpBB 2.0.4
      - changed authorization to attach files: only if posting is allowed too
      - changed authorization to download files: only if viewing is allowed too
      - changed the way the Attachment Size within the PM Box is counted, the SENT Box is not counted anymore.
      - changed the display of Attachments (DareDevil)
      - changed the Installation Paths to be compliant with phpBB 2.0.4
      - Attachments are now displayed before Signatures
      - added Xitami to the servers doing a normal refresh if physical download is enabled
      - added User Attachment Control Panel (accessible from Users Profile)
      - added User Upload Quota Box to Users profile (Stats+Link too)
        these Upload Stats are only viewable by the User itself and the Administrator
      - added User Quota System (PM Quota and Upload Quota are definable for Users and Groups)
      - quota settings added to the user admin and group admin page
      - added quota limits cp to the admin panel
      - added additional check to the shadow attachments (sync attachment references with attachments)
      - added FTP Extensions check. If FTP Extensions are not compiled into the PHP Installation,
        the Administrator will receive the appropiate Message and is unable to configure FTP Settings.
      - added attach limit box to Private Message Center.
      - added pre-edited files for phpBB 2.0.4
      - added compatibility for phpBB 2.0.0 viewtopic versions (you should really really upgrade !!!)
      - added setting to enable FTP Passive Mode
      - removed additional queries at viewtopic if images or thumbnails are displayed
      - added upload image to all instances of viewtopic_attach_body.tpl
      - added Attachment Mod User Guide
      - Attachments should be cached now
      - introduced optional caching of the Attachment Mod config table
         to let this work, just create a directory called 'cache' within your phpBB2 root and chmod it to 777.
      - dropped maintainance for the lang_german_sie package

   2002-11-03 - Version 2.3.4
      - fixed bug: Download should now work for 'very big' files again... please report anything you encounter. ;)
      - fixed bug: issues with Thumbnails, should work for most of you better, have a look at the AMod FAQ too.
      - fixed bug: Display of Comments
      - fixed bug: single quotes in previewing messages.
      - fixed bug: Error occurred while previewing PM.
      - fixed bug: upload icons not correctly displayed
      - fixed bug: mssql issues (not able to update)         
      - fixed bug: check_lang_files script
      - fixed bug: Determine Attachment Mod Versions with the Updater
      - added: Extension Groups per Forum Permissions System
      - added: Support for (compressed) Flash MX Files, now they will be displayed/played correctly
      - added: Attachment Mod Synchronization
      - added: Attachment Rules Window (seeable at Posting Screen)
      - changed wma group to Streaming Group, able to Stream Video/Audio Types -- see Feature List.
      - re-done the Shadow Attachments Part, now it should work fine.
      - a little speed up in determining File Dimensions
      - dropped support for msaccess databases
      - added patch file

Das müssten alle Updates sein, sollte noch was fehlen, reiche ich das nach Smile

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