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Agyssium Creatures

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Bursche / Magd
Bursche / Magd

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BeitragVerfasst am: So 10.07.2016 - 03:58    Titel: Agyssium Creatures Antworten mit Zitat

The Agyssium is full of a lot of different creatures, which look similiar and then have all sort of meaningless names.
The majority are able to be killed off with weapons.
There seem to be some that are sort of in between sometimes you can kill them off sometimes you can't. The Paladin in Katcloch, sometimes they can be killed off sometimes not. The stronger versions can also do big damage at about 300.
Then there are the strong ones Creatures you can't kill off with weapons at all unlesss you have a critical hit or manage to posses them with Marina's angel staff.
Then there are roughly four divisions of them in terms of attack.
There seem to be the fighter types or just bashers and they will advance from distance. However all of them can do physical attack and these can have the terrible side effects like being driven mad.
The breathers like the Velvem which can be dealt with by having anti fire max.
The magic casters like the Arman, these can be dealt with by having anti magic max.
Then you have the spewers and they will do like the Grues and you cop a little bit of damage with poison and disease. If there is a star wand with a lot charges then this would be covenient to have.

Weapon killeable creatures
Zorbs,Noracs these can only hit in the 100's.
Bashers Crags.Krysts,Waks,Berts,Garracs,Bogons
There are the most dangerous I think because they hit for big numbers up to 300 and sometime do status changes even with invul at max and improve cast on the characters. If out of range they will advance.
Magic Casters Polts,Dromans
There are easy enough to deal with if you max anti magic, if they are out of range they will stay there so dragging them into closer quarters with the plunger to bash.
Breathers Lyx,Jolins
Again if you have anti fire then they are easy. again you can use the plunger.
Spewers Hools,Ravbins,Warlins
these seem to hit consitently with the small attacks with poison infect, enough of them then they can accumulate on you. It would be nice to have the luxury of maxing out anti poison and infect.
Use plunger to bring them in if at range.
Misc Bauldrons,urons,thorts,norbins,zotric,frains
Can't remember what these exactly do apart from being in the killeable category.
The in between category.
These are dangerous bashers which hit big, the Grolls seem to be the ones able to hit and make people insane as well the most often.
With fighter with 99 strength with improve and with the warphammer you seem to be able to kill them off even when in a hard state when you do big damage around 2000 in one blow.
Otherwise they seem to be able to take varying amounts of damage from a few thousand to who knows.

The tough creatures.
The three which you find generally from Level 1 to Level 7, you will only find one group usually and they are usually at distance.
There are Arman the magic caster,Velvem the breather and Ron the spewer.
The best way to deal with these is to drive them crazy use the Banshee madness spells because there is usually only one group. Otherwise mindwarp.
Then they will no longer do their usual attack but close in to bash.They are dangerous at close quarters though.
This is where you don't want to bring them close with the plunger. Let them come in on their own steam they are no longer a threat at distance . You can kill them at range with magic. You can dupe them at 6 metres or even try to hit them with staffs at 2m.
If you are running short of magic then you can use the plunger on the Velvems of the three and they are easily gropeabl, and if you have high anti fire they can;t really hurt you.
The Armams however if your not high on levels even with high magic power 200 then groping them was very rare.
The only tactic that worked was the angel staff possesing them.
The Rons while I think you can grope them leaving them free to poison and infect you while you do that.
The End of Level 7 tough creatues.
Simmians,Hoimons,Argots,Glourcs,Xorns seem to all come together.This is where you really need to use the magic to wipe them out with Mindwarp followed by EvilHammer.
They will get their first shot in and I think the XOrns magic can be devestating even with 200 antimagic.
Because there seem to be only a few groups you could use scrolls against them.
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