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News - Archiv :: Februar 2000

Heroes 5

29. Februar 2000

Harte Worte

Mit nur 6,0 con 10 möglichen Punkten zeigt Gamespot.com dem achten Teil der renommierten RPG-Reihe die rote Karte:

Might and Magic VIII can be fun to play in spite of all its problems, as it manages to retain most of the same addictive charm of the previous two installments. However, for newcomers to RPGs as well as gamers who're already tired of the recent Might and Magic games, Might and Magic VIII's old graphics engine, repetitive gameplay, bugs, and relative ease will be too much to overlook.

Leider hat Gamespot Recht. Und das ist bedauerlich.

Heroes 5

15. Februar 2000

Neue Preview

Gamespot.com hat heute ein paar News zu Might and Magic 8 veröffentlicht:

Last week we had the opportunity to check out the new products that are pending in both of the Might and Magic and the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Here is the second part of that report, featuring details on Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer:

Might and Magic VIII: Day of the Destroyer is also in final play-testing, and it should be available within the next few weeks. New World traditionally recycles the same game engine for multiple products, and Might and Magic VIII will be the last game to use the increasingly outdated engine introduced by Might and Magic VI. There are a few minor tweaks to the engine, including a new panoramic view that lets you see more of the gaming world and the belated addition of mouse-look support. While Might and Magic VIII's outdated engine will likely be a common complaint from gamers, the series will finally go true 3D in Might and Magic IX, which will use the LithTech engine recently licensed from Monolith by The 3DO Company for future New World games.

Interessant, dass bereits jetzt Infos zum neunten teil veröffentlicht werden .....

Heroes 3

02. Februar 2000

Review zu Armageddon's Blade

Nachdem Heroes of Might & Magic III bereits die bestmögliche Wertung von Avault erhalten hat, ist heute eine Review zum Addon Armageddon's Blade erschienen:

3DO and New World Computing have accomplished what few others have seem to be able to do--release an add-on that makes a great game even better. They've added more of what was liked in the original, and a lot more in the way of scenarios and campaigns. Dedicated fans of the series have longed for a random map generator, and Armageddon's Blade provides a good one. The campaign editor was a complete surprise and one that will keep people playing this until Heroes of Might and Magic IV hits retail shelves.

Auch das Addon wird weiterhin sehr gut beurteilt, auch wenn sicherlich ein Addon immer nur die Wartezeit zum nächsten Teil verkürzen soll.

Die Wertung mit 4 von 5 möglichen Sternen ist einwandfrei.