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H4 GS UK Patch 2.2-3.0

Beschreibung:UK Patch für Heroes of Might & Magic 4 - Gathering Storm von Version 2.2 auf Version 3.0

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- - - - - - - - -
- General -

Casting the spell Town Gate inside of a town no longer crashes game.

In windowed mode, if you close the window while at the hero-selected army
screen, the game no longer crashes.

Fixed an occasional game freeze when moving into a weak neutral army's
activation radius.

Adjusting the Game Setting's volume slider without a selected army on the
adventure map, no longer crashes the game.

Fixed combat crash caused by placing multiple lines of quicksand between a
fast walking unit and its target

Fixed crash if day 1 timed event lost game.

Fixed very, very rare crash if two neutral armies touch.

Corrected issue with certain types of area damage (hydras, cerberus, black
dragons) affecting creatures in Sanctuary.

Heroes with the Flaming Arrow no longer do splash damage to fire resistant

When Death Call'ed phoenixes die, they are now removed from the battlefield
and do not rebirth.

Corrected aberrant results of heroes who have the Potion of Immortality or
Guardian Angel on them, and are devoured by sea monsters.

The Throwing Spear now increases the range and melee attack of a hero by

The common artifact 'Axe' now increases the hero's attack by eight.

Heroes or creatures that shoot twice per turn, but only have one shot
left, now will only shoot once.

Disembarking heroes or creatures from a Ship now functions correctly with
regards to their movement.

Dead heroes cannot cast adventure spells anymore.

The Quicksand spell is easier to place on the battlefield.

If a vampire stack is defeated by a thunderbird stack, but regenerates
vampires back, the graphic is updated correctly

If you have an event with a DISPLAY MESSAGE action, with a sub action of
GIVE CREATURES, and the GIVE CREATURES results in an over-full army,
the "full army" dialog now appears after the displayed message.

event, they can now select a skill from an associated skill set.

Cyclops and heroes with the Flaming Arrow now have the appropriate
animation played when their ranged attack reaches its target.

Corrected the Resurrection spell-effect graphic when running at the slowest
combat speed.

Unavailable expansion creatures, with a blank portrait, no longer appear
in the scores on the high score list.

The INCREASE DEFENSE script action now correctly increases defense
instead of attack.

Corrected occasional issue when accessing a teleporter that has multiple

Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the completion
of a campaign.

Corrected issues with the mouse cursor disappearing after the loss of a
single scenario.

Corrected aberrant scroll bar behavior.

Resources update immediately after purchasing items at Marketplace from
the Town Screen.

Adventure sounds update after the volume is adjusted in the game settings.

If a scenario is won by winning a battle and you return to the main menu,
the correct main menu theme now plays.

Hero portrait movement bar now functions correctly when the "Move Army"
icon is used when the town icon is highlighted.

The Single Scenario screen sort order is now reverse-able.

- - - - - - - - -
- Multiplayer -

Note: In order to play against a The Gathering Storm(TM) or Winds of War(TM)
player in a multiplayer session, all players must be running the v3.0 version
of the game.

In a multiplayer game, when you double click on a name the game will no
longer crash.

In a multiplayer game, you can no longer view the remote player's quest
log during their turn.

In a human vs. human player siege combat (multiplayer session), a stealth
hero who attacks the gate in auto-combat no longer hangs the game.

- - - - - - - - - -
- Campaign Editor -

Added a Windows® help file to the campaign editor. The help file can
be accessed by selecting Help->Contents on the editor's menu.

The editor now restores the position of your various sub-windows (mini
map, palette, tool) when you start it up.

Fixed an issue where maps which had the Emerald Longbow enabled in the
Map Properties and a random major artifact dot would sometimes get a
"File is bad" error when loaded into the game.


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