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MM7 Patch 1.1 engl.

Beschreibung:Patch für die englische Version zur Version 1.1

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Das es wieder ein Patch geben wird, war ja leider zu erwarten. Hier ist er also. Er bringt folgende Updates:

  • Das Wiederaufladen des Zauberstabes von Mr. Malwick's gibt nun keine falschen Angaben bezüglich der Anzahl der "Schüsse" mehr.
  • Gefundene Zauberstäbe geben nun ebenfalls die korrekte Anzahl von "Schüssen" an.
  • Der grafische Hintergrund wird nicht länger zu Abstützen oder Probelmen führen.
  • Beim Speer werden auf dem Level "Experte" die korrekten Schadenspunkte inkl. Bonus angezeigt.
  • Das Anzeigen des Inventory sowie der Zaubersprüche im "Pit" versucht keine Abstürze mehr.
  • Der Auftrag die Griffins zu töten kann nun ohne Probleme erfüllt werden.
  • Der NPC "Master Healer" wird nun nicht mehr die Fähigkeitspunkte "Armor" der Party - Mitglieder "entfernen".
  • Der obskure Auftrag "0" verschwindet aus dem Quest - Book.

  • Die "Lich Jars" in der "Walls of Mist" sind nun vorhanden, sofern man in den entsprechenden Raum gelangt.
  • Alle Fehler - Meldungen, die erscheinen sobald man von einer Region zu einer anderen gelangt, wurden behoben.

Nachfolgend das Original der readme.txt:

The 3DO Company and New World Computing
Might and Magic(TM) VII, For Blood and Honor(TM)
Update v. 1.1 ReadMe
August 1999

Thank you for purchasing Might and Magic VII, For Blood and Honor. This document contains information you might find useful, and we think it should help you to get as much enjoyment out of this game as possible. We hope you will have as much fun playing this game as we had creating it.


1) Update v. 1.1 Information
2) New Features
3) User Manual Errata
4) Other Keyboard Information
5) Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / Direct X
6) Windows®, Virtual Memory, and Hard Disk Space
7) Miscellaneous
8) Troubleshooting
9) Purchasing Software
10) Contacting Customer Support


1) Update Version 1.1 Information

Recharging Mr. Malwick's wand no longer gives the incorrect charge range. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

Wands found on the ground now have the proper amount of charges. This will result in no wands showing up with "0" charges. This will prevent the wands from disappearing when first used by a party member. These wands can also be recharged by a spell or potion if the base charge is greater than one. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The backpack no longer causes corruption, crashes or item duplication. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The spear now causes the correct amount of damage with bonuses at expert level. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

No invisible monsters will spawn in the Arena.

Corrected the loading of different saved games that would infrequently cause the character portraits to drop for the second, third, and fourth characters.

Corrected Necromancer and Mages that would occasionally summon incorrect monsters. Necromancer can summon only Ghosts and Mages can summon only Light Elementals.

Looking through the character inventory/spellbook in "The Pit" will no longer cause an internal error. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

The "Kill the Griffin" quest can be completed in all instances. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.
v The NPC Master Healer no longer wipes out the armor skills of the party. The fix prevents this issue from reappearing in saved games, but does not restore previouly lost skills or points.

The lich jars now appear in their correct location in the "Walls of Mist". They will be there regardless of restarting or loading from a previously saved game.

The phantom "0" quest that may appear in the Quest Notes does not affect gameplay.

Any error message that occurs when traveling from one area to another has been rectified. The fix also corrects this problem in saved games.

Conditional effects no longer appear on duplicate party member portraits when only one has been affected.

The ambush event in Deyja no longer occurs repeatedly.

Minor text bugs were also addressed.


2) New Features

These additional features were added after the manual was completed.

The Current Quests, Notes and History books will flash as they get added to and updated. The book will stop flashing once accessed.

You can right click on the mini-map (upper right corner) or the player map (M key) in outdoor areas to get the name of the building the mouse cursor is over.

Right clicking on skills in the character skills screen will show which Skills the character can learn at his current promotion (white), skills he could potentially learn at a following promotion (yellow), and skills he will never be able to learn (red). It will also show the total bonus to the skill from NPCs or items.

Protection from Magic (master level Body spell) also protects against the Eradication condition at Grandmaster level.

Training takes one week per level per visit, to a maximum of the number of times any one single character trains.

Toggling colored lights (Video Options; hardware only) requires the Level to be reloaded to take effect.

The gamma setting can be changed in the Video Options submenu under the Controls option in the options menu (Esc command). Note: Must be in full screen to affect the gamma setting.


3) User Manual Errata

Page 14. Ranger Class - No spells are available until the first promotion (Hunter).

Page 16 Archer Class - Disarm Trap is at (B) Basic until second promotion.

Page 24 Controls - "Graphic Detail:" this option has been replaced by "Configure Keyboard" and "Video Options". Configure Keyboard allows the alphanumeric keys to be remapped. Video Options allows the Gamma Settings, Blood Splats, Colored Lights, and Tinting to be reconfigured. (Note: the Video Options are only available in Hardware Acceleration mode.)

Page 26 Moving Around - "[", "]" keys will move the party sideways (strafe movement).

Page 45 Fire Magic: Fire Spike - Spell duration will last 10 real-time minutes, regardless of whether you are in turn-based or real-time mode.

Page 45 Fire Mage: Immolation - Spell will flare up every 5 game-time minutes.


4) Other Keyboard Information

Full screen/Windowed Toggle: F4

You can pause Might and Magic VII by pressing the Esc key to bring up the options menu or by pressing the Return Enter key to enter turn base mode.

Keyboard Remapping:

When remapping the Might and Magic VII commands, you will not be able to use the numeric keys, escape key, function keys, print screen, scroll lock, pause/break, shift, alt, or caps lock. The only remappable keys available on the numeric keypad are the ADD (+), SUBTRACT (-), and ENTER keys.

The [H] key cannot be reassigned, it will always bring up the History Book.


5) Video Card And Other Hardware Drivers / Direct X

If you experience problems running Might and Magic VII, make sure you have the latest drivers for your audio and video card. Video and Sound card manufacturers regularly update their software drivers to enhance performance and stability, and to improve compatibility with DirectX. You can find links to many of these manufacturers' sites by going to the Driver Updates section of our support web site, which is located at http://www.3do.com/support.

You may obtain a list of Microsoft-certified video and audio drivers for your hardware by going to http://www.microsoft.com/hwtest/hcl/. Drivers listed here are confirmed to be compatibility with Windows 95, Windows 98 and Windows NT 4.0.

Microsoft updates DirectX and its components regularly and posts them for download off of their web site at http://www.microsoft.com/DirectX.

Issues regarding the hardware acceleration.

The Voodoo 3(TM) in windowed mode does not correctly display the water tiles' mipmaps. Running in full screen will rectify this. Alt-Tab command may cause the screen to flicker in full screen. This can be corrected by switching to windowed mode (F4 key) and then switching back to full screen (F4 key).
v The Voodoo 2 must have it's latest DirectX 6 drivers. The mouse cursor may experience flickering, but doesn't impact gameplay. If changing the gamma settings through the display properties, be sure to exit Might and Magic VII first.

The Permedia(TM) 2 currently reports that it has all the features required to run Might and Magic VII, but has problems with our lighting model. Run in software mode if any problems occur.

The Ticket To Ride(TM) has a choppy mouse on some machines.

Rendition Verite(TM) V2200 and the SIS6326 chipsets currently only run in full screen.

The nVidia(TM) Riva128 and Riva128zx(TM) are not supported. Only run in software mode.

The Intel740(TM) chipset based AGP graphics card on non-Intel motherboards may experience problems in hardware. Suggest running in software mode.

If any audio issues occur when using Accelerated 3D Audio, changing to the 'Microsoft Sound 3D hardware support' or disabling the Accelerated 3D Audio may resolve them.

Might and Magic VII will run on Windows NT 4.0 service pack 4 in software only.


6) Windows, Virtual Memory, and Hard Disk Space

The Windows operating system requires a certain amount of virtual memory to function properly. The amount of virtual memory required by Windows varies depending on how much of your computer's resources are required by an application. Might and Magic VII, like most other games, requires the use of most of your computer's resources to run properly.

Therefore, for a Windows application like Might and Magic VII to run properly there must be sufficient free space on the hard disk with your Windows system folder. You should keep enough free hard disk space equal to the larger of: two times the total amount of RAM your computer has; or, 10% of the space on the hard drive with Windows.

Note: Might and Magic VII requires 375MB Megabytes (minimum) free hard drive space on the destination drive and at least 1 MB of free space on your C: drive.


7) Miscellaneous

The official strategy guide for Might and Magic VII is available from Prima Publishing. To order call (800) 531-2343. It is also available at bookstores and multimedia outlets nationwide.

The official Might and Magic VII website is located at: http://www.3do.com/products/pc/MM7. Please feel free to stop by and check out our site.

If any patches are released for Might and Magic VII or any other New World Computing or 3DO game, GameUpdate(TM) can automatically download the most recent patch and patch your game for you. You must have the game currently installed on your computer and have an Internet Service Provider (ISP) to use Game Update. To run Game Update, first connect to the internet. Next click on your Windows Start button and select Programs, then Might and Magic VII, then Game Update. The Game Update utility will then download the latest patch available and run the patch for you. If you already have the latest patch, Game Update will confirm this. As a convenience to you, Game Update also checks any other recent New World Computing or 3DO products installed on your computer also. You can choose to update them or not, as you wish.


8) Troubleshooting


Problem: The CD is in the CD-ROM drive, but the computer is not recognizing it.
Answers: The CD may be dirty or scratched.
Solutions: 1. Make sure that the data side of the CD (shiny side) is not dirty or scratched. If it is dirty, take a lint free non-abrasive cloth and wipe gently to clean it (always wipe from the inside of the CD to the outside edges). If the data side of the CD appears to be scratched, return the game to the store that you bought it from, and exchange it for a new copy. If you are unable to exchange the game at the store that you bought it from, please call Customer Support for information on our exchange policy.

Problem: The computer freezes during install, or you receive an error message (such as "*_ins error" or "An error has occurred during the move data process") during install.
Answers: Your computer may be using an older 16-bit CD-ROM driver; or there may not be enough space on your hard drive for temporary files to expand; or the CD-ROM drive might be having problems with how it buffers information. Or, the Autorun or DMA settings on your CD-ROM drive could be interfering with the game installation.
To check and see if your computer is using an older 16-bit CD-ROM driver:
1. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties'.
2. Click on the 'Performance' tab.
3. In the Performance status box, if the File System line says "Some drivers are using MS-DOS compatibility", you are using a 16-bit CD-ROM driver.
Solutions: 1. For 16-bit CD-ROM drivers: Contact the manufacturer of your CD-ROM drive or the manufacturer of your computer for an updated 32-bit CD-ROM driver.
2. For 32-bit CD-ROM drivers:
1. Close all unnecessary programs running in the Background. Press the CTRL+ALT+DEL keys at the same time to open the Close Program window, select a program, and press the End Task button. Repeat this process until all programs except 'Explorer' and 'Systray' are closed.
2. Delete all files in your C:WindowsTemp folder, then empty the Recycle Bin.
3. Turn off read-ahead on the CD-ROM drive:
1. Right-click on the 'My Computer' icon and select 'Properties'.
2. Click on the 'Performance' tab.
3. Click on the 'File System' button.
4. Choose the 'CD-ROM' tab at the top
5. Change the 'Optimize access pattern for' field to 'No read-ahead'
6. Click on Apply, then OK and finally click Close (you will be prompted to restart your system).
4. Turn off the Autorun and DMA settings on your CD-ROM drive:
1. Right click on the 'My Computer' icon and choose 'Properties'.
2. Click on the 'Device Manager' tab.
3. Click on the '+' sign next to the CD-ROM line so that it becomes a '-' sign.
4. Click on the line that appears under the CD-ROM line so that it is highlighted, then click on the 'Properties' button.
5. Click on the 'Settings' tab.
6. Look for the Auto-insert Notification and DMA lines. If there is a check mark in the boxes next to either of these lines, click on the box to remove the check mark.
7. Click on the 'Apply' button, and then click on the 'OK' button.
8. When you are asked if you want to restart your system, choose 'Yes'.

You can restore all of the CD-ROM settings back to normal after the game has been successfully installed.


9) Purchasing Software
You can order other 3DO software directly from 3DO through our order web page at http://www.3do.com/direct, or you can call the 3DO Direct line at 800-336-3506 (outside the United States at 650-261-3227).


10) Contacting Customer Support

For technical problems or questions:

3DO Customer Support Website: http://www.3DO.com/support (includes an email question form)

E-mail: customer-support@3do.com

Phone: Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 12 noon and 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific Time, at (650) 261-3454.
Fax Number: (650) 261-3419


Copyright 1999 The 3DO Company. All Rights Reserved. 3DO, Might and Magic, Blood and Honor, New World Computing, and their respective logos are trademarks and/or service marks of The 3DO Company in the U.S. and other countries. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners. New World Computing is a division of The 3DO Company.

-The End-


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