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MM9 Inoffizieller eng. Patch V.2.0

Beschreibung:Inoffizieller Patch zur englischen Might & Magic Version

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Patch for MM IX v2.0 English Version ONLY

Issued by Rubi, Barsi, Faxerobert and Papatom
Any commends to this patch should be make at this board
{https://www.mightandmagicworld.de/phpbb/ }
Following bugs are patched in the file named Scripts.rez.

Thjorgard Mine:
Is not any longer possible to finish the Quests, "Break through the hard rock, Find the cave-in and Fix the refinery machine"  by clicking on the coal box which is located in the first room on the left hand side at the Thjoradmine entree. The forgotten programmers routine has been removed.

Write of Fate:
If you set the capstone to his place the in Verhoffin Ruins, the Write of Fate will now automatically appear in the inventory of the active party member. So it is not possible to forget the write of fate.

Lost Bank orbs in Frosgard:
Each time you talk to the banker in the bank of Frosgard you will lost a Bank orb from your inventory so you are possible not able to finish this quest. This bug has been fixed also.

Game Crash in the Bathhouse:
If you kill the last of the three concubines and your are in the turn base mode the game will hang up, so you have to restart the computer. This bug has been fixed too. If you now have killed the last concubine you only must leave the turn base mode and the game proceeds by running the video.

I strongly recommend to start a new game with this patch installed. Additional make sure that your minisave folder is empty. No problems were reported under this condition.

* Also no problems were reported to this conditions. *

If you will use older savegames while you are not willing to start a new game I suggest the following:

- Make sure your have not visited the Thjorgardmines before. *
- Make sure you have not finished the quest "Get your army back".
- Make sure you have the same account of Bank orbs as you have Banks left over to install it.
- The Bathhouse is no problem in any case.

* be in mind that it is possible to united 5 of 6 clans to full fill the quest united the clans, this is not a bug it is  programmed in the scripts.rez file by 3DO. In that case all remaining quests  which belong to "united the clans" quest will be finished  automatically due to a routine in the scripts.rez file. So that means at maximum two quest could be left unfinished.

If the Thorgardmine quests is not finished at this time the quest will be finished by the routine in the scripts.rez file and you are not able to take over or work out the quest. If you now take the broken slag extractor it is not possible to throw or give it away any more.


In some cases it could be that the game hang up because of playing an old savegame with the new patched scripts.rez file or unmatched datas between the savegame, the minisaves and the patched scripts.rez file.  
If the game hang up, at first try what is happened if you only delete the applicable minisaves in the minisave folder. Before you delete the minisaves make sure that your savegame ist not in that area which will be deleted. You have to leave the area where the minisaves will be deleted from and save the game in another area.
Then exit MMIX, delete the applicable minisave file in the minisave folder of that area where the game hang up, restart MMIX, load the savegame and go back to the area where the game has been failed and see what is happened now.

In two cases (both belongs to the Write of Fate) it is known to me that the problem was still present after the procedure above was performed. Because of there was no savegame available as described in the next paragraph.
In both events I"ve  repaired the savegame by using a special prepared Rude.Rez file.

For players which have a savegame available as described below could proceed with the game.

* Also no Problems were reported under this conditions. *

Problem description/solution  for the Write of Fate but should also work for the Thorgardmines * and  the Bank Orb Quest if applicable.

You have the Write of Fate quest finished (check your inventory for the Write of Fate and that the Quest have been removed from your Note-Book ) but Hanndle is not aware of it and send you back where you have died.
The only chance to solve this problem is to restart with a savegame which you don"t have already taken the Write of Fate quest. This savegame position is at minimum when your army  was destroyed in Yorwick and you now have to find a way to travel to Arslegard. (check your Note-Book for this quest).

All tests has been performed with the German version of MMIX but should also work in the English version of MMIX because of all applicable routines which were fixed are identically no matter which version it is.

Thjorgard Mine
Write of Fate
Patched by Rubi
Tested by Faxerobert and Barsi

Lose Bank Orbs in the Bank of Frosgard
Game Crash in the Bathhouse
Patched by Barsi
Tested by Faxerobert and Barsi

The patch is prepared in a self extracting  and self installing  Program
By Papatom

Special thanks to Papatom for programming an excellent and powerful tooling to edit the Rude.rez and scripts.rez file.

This readme file is issued by Barsi


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