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MM9 Savegame

Beschreibung:Hacked Savegame für Might & Magic 9

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this savegame is for might & magic 9 us version 1.0

make a backup of your first savegame, your savegame in slot 1, than delete it. now copy
"kx hacked.HDR" and "kx hacked.MM9" into your savegames directory. start mm9 and load it.

you start at the beginning of the game. all characters have 999 might, magic,
endurance, accuracy, speed & luck. Every character has 99999999 experience and
the group has 999999999 gold.

sorry for the lame english ;p


distribute the savegame into the whole world .... but please only with this readme =)

-- comments / questions ? mail me : zombie-009@gmx.net --


geschrieben am 08.12.2004 von DUNJA

geschrieben am 03.06.2002 von koxx

geschrieben am 10.05.2002 von Tomahawk

geschrieben am 05.04.2002 von vertex

hey well thanks for trying, everything works but for some reason the guy you pick up at the bridge isnt there, barely any monsters are there, the old lady doesnt give you the dragonfly mission and the door by the castle IS open but you cant click on the book.

anyway you can just release a hack which allows you to boost your characters which you have now? Like gold, stats and skills, mostly i'd just like gold.

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