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Wiz 8 Patch #3

Beschreibung:Wizardry 8 Patch Nr. 3

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  • Replaces various DLL/M3D/ASI files to incorporate an updated version of the Miles Sound System.
  • Includes a new 3DSetup.exe which eliminates problems experienced on some systems with autodetection.
  • Includes updated SafeDisc version which eliminates copy protection problems experienced by some players.
  • Increments game version to 1.2.2 and displays this on the Main Menu

  • Fixed various crashes and problems when recasting last spell or reusing the last item
  • Fixed assertions or crashes when recasting spells targeted at items
  • Fixed Hand HOLDS_NOTHING combat assertion, Combat Attack.cpp line 3152, caused by running out of throwing items with attacks remaining while close enough to attack same target unarmed.
  • Fixed assertion in Combat Party Movement.cpp, line 406, caused by canceling movement in continuous combat while defending/protecting.
  • Disabled replacing characters during combat, this caused assertions but wasn't supposed to be possible.
  • Fixed invalid monster group ID assertion, Monster.cpp line 7044
  • Fixed invalid monster ID assertion, OctPath.cpp line 9876 and 9748
  • Fixed invalid monster ID assertion, Magic Effects.cpp line 687

Misc. bugs:
  • Includes previous fix correcting bug which caused Mook Hologram and also FIXES SAVES that have been affected by this bug.
  • Fixes bug which caused Sgt. Rubble to lock you out of Covert Ops and also FIXES SAVES that have been affected by this bug.
  • Corrects problem where Vi gets placed in the Phoonzang statue and also FIXES SAVES that have been affected by this bug.
  • Fixed premature auto-saving following combats in Ironman mode which caused important items not to drop and monster death
  • Fixed bug where a dismissed RPC who was not seen by the player before changing levels would not correctly go back to his home location.
  • Fixed Sexus' data that would cause her to vanish after leaving the party.
  • Fixed bug preventing summoning of elementals if you changed levels during combat with an active elemental around
  • Fixed resistance modifier rollover causing resistance penalties if total of modifiers from items exceeded 127 in a realm
  • Pickpocketing now only reports "nothing left" if there are truly no items or gold remaining to steal.
  • Selection of items being pickpocketted is now correctly randomized, previously some items became much more like to pick than others.
  • MUTE now also silences the Ka-ching when buying and selling items
  • Fixed bug where skill improvement messages would not be displayed, caused by certain interactions with chests (note that the skill increases were always properly recorded).
  • The "J" key can now be remapped.

  • Automap texture memory requirements were reduced to help improve performance on low end machines.

Gameplay Changes:
  • Toxic Cloud spell is now capable of causing Nausea, Poisoning, or Unconsciousness, as advertised in its description.
  • Pickpocketing will now produce the exact same results if you simply reload & try again
  • NPCs will now notice and act accordingly when their stuff keeps disappearing just after you've paid them a visit (successful pickpocketing is noticed - after the fact - and remembered).
  • Monks and monk-class monsters will no longer stumble around while blinded (due to limited blindness special ability)

Data Changes:
  • Corrected 5% Kill chance on the MK6 Omnigun model, it was meant to be 5% KO, not kill
  • Several important puzzle/quest items were marked as critical (can't be dropped/given away/sold)
  • Corrected Omnigun upgrade messages for MK7 and MK8 (arrow/quarrel attachments comes only with MK8)
  • Removed chance of Nausea on the Giant Frog Leg, as it is not a weapon and this was meaningless
  • The displayed stacking limits on several items that don't actually stack were removed (e.g. Ale)
  • Several spell descriptions were corrected, particularly those erroneously listing durations for spells that don't have one

Known Bugs (Unfixed):
  • Spells that kill directly (Instant Death, Asphyxiation, etc.) do not award kills to their casters. The kill will go to the last character to damage that target instead. If nobody ever damaged that character, no kill is awarded. [This minor bug would now require too much work to fix properly. Sorry]


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