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The Tale of Young Mudgeon (part 1-5)

Beschreibung:Eine 15-Map-Kampagne von KarmaKeld - benötigt Equilibris v.3.51

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Ever wondered what happened to Gauldoth Half-Dead, in the time after he killed his former master, Kalibarr? Currious as to why Baron Von Tarkin was so eager to conquer Channon's capital, Rylos? Then take part in this epic adventure that spans over no less than 15 maps, with lots of references to movies, series ect., and with plenty of humorous touches. This campaign will reveal more background story, and continue the stories beyond the official campaigns of the above mentioned heroes, as well as draw strings to many of the other official Re-explore the world of Axeoth and learn how things are tied together, as this campaign tells the story of young Mudgeon. A young man who's about to be apprenticed to a wizard. Perhaps not an exciting plot, but one day his life is changed abruptly, when his family and he himself becomes enmeshed in a tangle of plots, treachery and evil plans to destroy all things living.

In a race against time, Mudgeon's trying to find his family, solve mysteries and fight evil. Eventually he realizes that he is just a small piece of a puzzle with more than a 1,000 pieces. The destiny of the whole world, does not lie on his shoulders, but with the help of his faithful followers, they assume their responsibility for making the world a safer place... For their own sake, of course.

This Campaign focus both on hero-based combats as well as classic army based combats, storytelling, visual details, solving puzzles, custom made heroes and varied gameplay. Also introducing new race, Swamp Elves. Inspired by various movies, HOMMIV campaigns and many other games. Among others: HOMMIII, Sid Meiers Pirates, Monty Python and the Holy Grail and puzzle games. This campaign should offer challenging fights/Victory Conditions matching the chosen difficulty as well as new ways to play HoMM IV..

The Testers wrote:
"Each of those maps is unique in a different way. Engaging and humorous story, well thought out enemies as well as interesting puzzles will keep you glued to the screen for days! Just please don't forget to take breaks..." (Maciek 'Warzyw' Mielczarek)

"All five maps are fun, challenging, and have an engrossing storyline. Obviously a lot of thought and work went into the plot. The maps are very well done with lots of adventure, original characters, locations and great quests. There are some really hilarious scenes and plot points that had us laughing out loud. Fans of Monty Python (Donald being a huge fan) will love the references to Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Even the credits are very funny. It is apparent that a great deal of work went into all of the maps and we highly recommend these maps to any Heroes IV fans." (Linda and Donald Bryant) (comments based on the first five maps).


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