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Heroes 7

28. Oktober 2015

Patch v1.3 (rev. 32698) veröffentlicht

Update vom 30.10.2015:
Auch für diesen Patch musste Ubisoft einen Hotfix nachliefern, der das Spiel auf die Version 1.3.1 hebt. Das Hotfix war notwendig geworden, da es nach Einspielen des Updates v1.3 vereinzelt zu Abstürzen gekommen ist.

Mit dem Patch v1.3 hat Ubisoft ein weiteres Update für Might & Magic Heroes 7 veröffentlicht. Aus der Community gab es eine Vielzahl von Hinweisen, so dass weitere Verbesserungen an der Performance und der Spielbalance vorgenommen werden. Ausserdem werden einzelne Bugfixes am Multiplayer-Modus sowie im Editor vorgenommen. Und es wird bereits ein weiterer Patch auf die Version 1.4 angekündigt, der sich aktuell in der Entwicklung befindet.

Hier die kompletten Patchnotes des Patches v1.3:

Might & Magic Heroes VII - Update 1.3
Date: October 27th, 2015

  • [Fixed] Minimap quest marker sometimes not disappearing after solving a quest
  • [Improved] Performance on combat map by optimizing GUI and adventure map processes
  • [Improved] Icon and stack size of Shadow Image and Summon Spells creatures are now displayed correctly
  • [Improved] Memory usage by not loading unneccessary town screen textures and various icons
  • [Improved] Updated hints during loading screens to fit with current functionalities
  • [Fixed] Several issues where the game goes out of sync during AIs turn
  • [Fixed] A crash for multiplayer when flee was used in combat
  • [Fixed] Game getting stuck in sim turns when attacking an army without units
  • [Improved] Increased celestial resurrection ability effect 50 ->250
  • [Improved] Increased base neutral growth rate 20% -> 30%
  • [Improved] Sylvan Ranger class now has Grandmaster Destiny
Level Design:
  • Academy 2
    • [Improved] Lyla will now be selected when she teleports on the last platform in the Spirit World
    • [Fixed] An issue that enabled the player after loading a savegame to walk through the rock into the other area and bug the flow of the Quest

  • Academy 3
    • [Fixed] An issue after save/load in Academy map 3, where the camera was pointing to the wrong place after defeating the Possessed Titan.
    • [Fixed] An issue in Academy map 3 with one army having a value of 0xp.
    • [Fixed] A problem where the enemies could not attack the town if the player was standing in front of the town

  • Academy 4
    • [Improved] Removed the item Malathua's Cleaver at the beginning of the map since the player has no use for it.
    • [Improved] Changed the end map logic cause it was triggering the same event twice and could cause potential issues.
    • [Fixed] Modified the last cutscene so any hero, not only Fahada, can trigger it. This could cause blockers.
    • [Fixed] A blocker where the map was only considered as won if Qasim was defeated by Fahada. So if the player defeated him with a hired hero, the map couldn't be completed.

  • Haven 2
    • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled the player after loading a savegame to pass the garrison before fulfilling the "Take all troops from Ymoril"-Objective and therefore bug the Questflow
    • [Fixed] The Armies in front of the Forts are now garrisoned in the Fort
    • [Fixed] An area that was showing open on the minimap during the first Dialog is now closed
    • [Improved] Defenders of Hammerfall and House Materia will now end their turns faster

  • Haven 4
    • [Fixed] An issue with object manipulators in Haven map 4. In this map, on the Shantiri hill, where they looked like Banners and had the wrong Loca.
    • [Fixed] A problem with one of the shipyards not being able to spawn a ship.

  • Necropolis 4
    • [Improved] Blocked the path that enabled the player to pass behind the "Watchers of Yagult" before the storypoint, for those who entered the area, there is also now a one-way teleporter that will bring you back if you are "trapped" in your savegame after the patch

  • Stronghold 1
    • [Fixed] Defeating Ajit in players turn and respawn of Ajit will no longer lead to a skipped turn.
    • [Improved] Weak of Storm got disabled to ensure player can win the last fight.
    • [Improved] Statue will now change it's tooltip at the correct time (after the Dialog with Reem appears)
    • [Fixed] A wrong soundfile was removed on both cutscenes (Waterfall and Falling Statue)
    • [Fixed] Amari has no creatures anymore
    • [Fixed] A correct combat map was added to one of the bridges (where it was missing)
    • [Fixed] An issue where Ajit would not attack the player
    • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player to access by the waterfall blocked area after loading a savegame

  • Stronghold 3
    • [Fixed] Hall of Heroes will now only provide 5 additional heroes to ensure that the player will not have more than 8 heroes when Imani comes back
    • [Fixed] The Dwelling in the east will now have proper visuals and naming and will also only provide one champion unit as designed
    • [Improved] One Dragon Flame Tongue was replaced with a Dragon Fang Necklace
    • [Fixed] The Sandstorm-(De-)Buff will now correctly apply to the attackers after Imani came back (fixed also for existing savegames)
    • [Improved] The Scout will now be revealed if he happens to enter the FoW again after discovering him
    • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player and AI to access Ninakula after loading a savegame

  • Sylvan 2
    • [Fixed] Two floating Objects were placed properly
    • [Improved] Disabled Week of Storm to ensure balance in the first fight

  • Sylvan 3
    • [Improved] Cinematic showing Shadris and Sorleth triggered during "Between Shadris and Sorleth" quest is now skipable

  • Dungeon 2
    • [Improved] One of the underground entrances is now more visible as it was quite hidden before
    • [Improved] Gossipmonger quest cinamatic tweaked to work properly

  • Final 1
    • [Improved] There is now minimap tracking for the "Peace Offering" quest
    • [Fixed] If you end the "Heart and Soul" quest using Nolwenn, Nolwenn was still the selected hero even though she changed the faction
    • [Fixed] The player is now able to complete the AM_Final_Map1 if he casts Instant Recall after solving the "Heart and Soul" quest

  • Final 2
    • [Fixed] An issue in the second map of Ivan's campaign, whereby a wrong dialogue was playing when completing a quest with Andras of Raven.

  • Yeshtar's Promise
    • [Fixed] Two clipping issues where fixed (Camera could go beneath the terrain; Artifact Chest was below the terrain)
    • [Fixed] A wrong soundfile was removed
    • [Fixed] The arena will now also give 10 Defense
    • [Improved] If you already fullfilled the Main Quest (captured the town), you can now load your savegame to finish the map (in the previous patch you still needed to end your turn once to take effect)
    • [Fixed] A general issue was fixed that enabled player to access the closed "choosing areas" after loading a savegame

  • The Story of Solmyr and the Efreet
    • [Fixed] The Dragon Nexus is now reachable

  • Ice Demons
    • [Fixed] Hero passes no longer through a bridge

  • The Timber War
    • [Fixed] Player no longer loses map if he only loses the city of Tyloth
    • [Fixed] Hole in landscape fixed
    • [Improved] Landscape increased so that the player can't see the borders of the level in the fog of war
    • [Fixed] The user received the same message twice if he gets close to both bridges on the map
    • [Improved] Map trigger was moved to the other side of the bridge
  • [Fixed] Several gameplay and visual issues have been adressed for the Savage Sea map.
  • [Fixed] An issue in Ruins of Dischord were the folliage was entering inside some buildings
  • [Improved] A new feature on Dried Lands were the expansion towns will never be the same faction as the your initial town to prevent unfairness in MP games.
  • [Improved] Some water areas were polished on dungeons and minions
  • [Improved] Camera behaviour tweaks on dungeons and minions
  • [Improved] Random Towns/Creatures/Forts/Dwellings now have a new feature to be a different faction from a town.
    Random Artifacts
    • * Added item set and tier options
      [Improved] Script Editor
    • * Added instigating army support to actions "Attack Army", "Rotate Army", "Interact with [Improved] Building", "Move to Army", "Move to Building" and "Move to Tile".
    • * Added "Timer" trigger, condition, and action
    • * Added new actions "Add random Hero Artifact", "Add Skill to Hero", "Learn Spell for [Improved] Hero" and "Add/Remove/Set Hero EXP"
    • * Added pickup sound and floating text for actions that give items to heroes
    • * Added "Collected specific army" trigger
  • [Fixed] Campaign Editor
    • * Fixed "Map could not be found" issue
    • * Fixed crash when saving a campaign after having switched maps in the editor
      [Improved] Kismet
    • * Split H7Actions, H7Conditions and H7Trigger into multiple categories to reduce the list sizes
      [Fixed] Custom Campaigns
    • * Fixed hero transfer from one map to the next, which was broken when the hero's properties were changed before
  • [Fixed] Minimap disappearing on performing Ctrl + Middle Mouse
  • [Improved] Removed erasing functionality of the terrain painting tool since Unreal Engine 3 only supports it when a texture is not at full density, which limits its usefulness.
  • [Improved] Flotsam contains the correct resources (Gold and Wood)
Gameplay Mechanics.
  • [Fixed] Pixies and Sprites applying debuffs twice.
  • [Fixed][Skills/Abilities] Bought spell scrolls are not reset after selecting fight again
  • [Fixed] Random skilling: 2 abilities should not be from the same skill
  • [Fixed] [Skills/Abilities] The Justicar unit will skip its turn if it uses the Opportunity Retaliation before its turn in the round
  • [Fixed] The user's units can appear in a manual combat even if they cannot be controlled in certain conditions
  • [Fixed] The Morale and Luck Icon are triggered after the turn of the Sun Deer
  • [Fixed] [Combat] Centaurs use maneuver while week of storms
  • [Fixed] Accuracy not working in morale turn
  • [Fixed] Improper behaviour can be seen when the player orders a caravan of creatures from any captured town hall or dwelling in the map Irresponsible War
  • [Fixed] Creatures with the "Strike and Return" ability can make the same space available to all other friendly creatures ignoring the rule of limited movement
  • [Fixed] Warfare units have no 'getting-hit' animations
  • [Fixed] The siege warfare unit shoots a second time even if the targeted area is destroyed
  • [Fixed] The Tsunami spell can place creature stacks one on top of the other when cast by the AI
  • [Fixed] The dimension portal does not trigger combat when guarded on the other side
  • [Fixed] Metamagic rank increase is not working
  • [Fixed] Entangling roots don't make the hit creature unable to move
  • [Fixed] "Poison Cloud" spell will give damage to any unit
  • [Fixed] Incapacitated enemy creatures don't skip their next turn
  • [Fixed] Celestial's resurrection ability does not work when engaged in melee
  • [Fixed] Hybrid Warfare unit skips second action when attacking first and "Artillery", "Artillery Barrage" is skilled
  • [Fixed] Fire Wall will be casted elsewhere in certain conditions
  • [Fixed] The legionnaire will receive the same Debuff as the unit he is shielding receives
  • [Fixed] Moving the first creature available in a combat after it was previously put on Wait will display incorrect tiles during the next combat turn
  • [Fixed] Firewall is not cast where it should on 2X2 units
  • [Fixed] Resurrection ability of the Celestial is not working when an enemy unit is in melee range
  • [Fixed] The Celestial Resurrection Ability kills friendly creatures instead of reviving them when the hero has the Reinforcements untimate
  • [Fixed] In moral turn the "wait" option needs to be disabled
  • [Fixed] Game gets stuck when the user orders one hero to collect a treasure chest and spams on his second hero hud just before the pop up of gold/xp appears
  • [Fixed] Enraged Cyclops ability "Fiery Eye" is not greyed out when an enemy creature its near him
  • [Fixed] Hybrid Warfare units that have the Artillery barrage skill will not allow the player to use the second ability of the hybrid unit
  • [Fixed] Spells cast during the Clarity skill's second turn show negative values
  • [Fixed] The Face of Fear spell does not work as intended
  • [Fixed] Deployment of the local guard is not possible if a stack from the main army is split during tactics
  • [Improved] Sound is now played when the spirit gate is activated after interacting with Anastasya on AM_Final_Map1
  • [Fixed] A new quest sound was played when the camera reveals Kente on AM_Final_Map1
  • [Fixed] Sound is now played when activating Spider Obelisks in Necro map 2
  • [Fixed] The music ends and doesn't resume, during the battle with Yasir, on am_stronghold_map4
  • [Fixed] Selection SFX is not present when selecting a creature in Army Recruitment Page
  • [Fixed] Basic ambience sounds aren't changing during npc scenes
  • [Fixed] Wrong voiceover is played after completing the "Raven Wings" quest
  • [Fixed] No sound is played when the spirit gate is activated after interacting with Anastasya on AM_Final_Map1
  • [Fixed] Rubble sound effects can be heard when the narration with Kibwe is closed, after the wizard statue falls, on am_stronghold_map1
  • [Fixed] Ivan has no movement sound on AM_Final_Map1
  • [Fixed] The Adventure Speed setting influences audio playback on Combat Maps
  • [Fixed] The "Time Stasis" spell SFX is corrupted
  • [Fixed] Battle SFX can be heard in a multiplayer combat of two other players (while you only see the static progress screen)
  • [Fixed] The same sound as receiving a quest is played when the camera reveals Kente on AM_Final_Map1
  • [Fixed] There is no SFX audible when clicking on the arrows of the Scroll bar in Heropedia
  • [Fixed] There are no specific sounds playing when the user scrolls through the Heropedia pages
  • [Fixed] Ambient sounds are not heard on the town screen but resume when options are accessed
  • [Fixed] No specific sound is played when the player selects different skills
  • [Fixed] No specific sounds are played when the user adjusts the recruit screen creature quantity slider
  • [Fixed] There is no sound when choosing between the "max" and "TR" buttons in the marketplace


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