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Heroes Online

30. Juni 2015

Version 176 ist online

Für das Onlinestrategiespiel Might & Magic Heroes Online ist ein weiteres Update online gegangen. Wie Ubisoft mitgeteilt hat, wurde mit dem Update vor allem das jüngste Login-Problem behoben, welches bei einigen Spielern zu einem tagelangen Ausfall geführt hatte. Aber auch andere Bugs wurden mit dem neuen Release gefixed, wie der nachstehende Changelog zeigt:

Artefact exploit and the punishment for using it
There was an exploit in the game which allowed players to upgrade their artefacts unlimited times. This resulted in artefacts with incredibly high stats. We have fixed this exploit and we will delete every bugged artefact from the inventory of a Hero as soon as they log in. Furthermore, the account will be automatically banned for 7 days.
There will be no compensation for lost time of shards, licenses and other items which last only a certain amount of time, if the account was banned.

Using exploits and bugs is against the Terms of Use and Rules of Conduct. We do not tolerate such behavior. Each account which has been identified using an exploit or bug will be flagged for the future. If such an account is identified as using bugs or exploits again, the account will be banned permanently.

We would also like to point out, that at no time were the finalists of the Champion of Ashan Tournament using bugged artefacts during the finals. We monitored their accounts before and during the finals.

Unlimited usage of resource bundles
It was possible to use one resource bundle from the shop over and over again. We have fixed this bug and resource bundles are no longer useable more than once.

Better artefacts in the equipment boxes
We have created a new type of equipment box for Heroes that have already reached level 30. These new Dragon Knight Boxes will always hand out a relic suited to the challenges of a Dragon Knight.

Fixed Bugs:
  • Exploit: Fixed an exploit that allowed players to upgrade Artefacts an unlimited number of times
  • Exploit: Fixed an exploit that allowed players to use resource bundles multiple times
  • Guild Province: The guild log is now stored for 10 days instead of only 14 hours
  • Expeditions: Toast messages in expeditions now have correct icons
  • Expeditions: The overview map now also displays the names of heroes (just like on the normal map outside of the expeditions)
  • Quests: Players should no longer get stuck in the "Magic Stones” quest
  • Quests: "Riddles in the Stone”, "The Ritual”, "Twilight of the Dragons” and "To Wring a Leader” should now be tracked correctly.
  • Abilities: Units protected by "Sanctuary” no longer suffer damage from AoE attacks
  • Abilities: The damage caused by "Painful Bond” is now correctly spread on all remaining units
  • Abilities: "Feeble Mind” no longer blocks retaliation attacks
  • Abilities: "Aura of Life” no longer heals attacking units which are effected by "Aura of Life”
  • Abilities: the description of the Skeletal Spearmen"s ability "Bone Spikes” has been corrected
  • Abilities: The damage preview of the Shantiri Blazes "Fiery Breath” is now displayed correctly
  • The auto battle button now correctly updates when the auto battle license runs out


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