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Heroes Online

15. Juli 2015

Version 178 erschienen

Ubisoft hat hat einen weiteren Patch auf die Server des Onlinestrategiespiels Might & Magic Heroes Online gespielt, der eine Reihe von Anpassungen am Gameplay vornimmt, insbesondere in Bezug auf die Gildenprovinzen. Diese wurden deutlich erweitert und das Balancing adjustiert. Daneben wurden aber auch eine Vielzahl kleinerer Updates vorgenommen und die Vorbereitungen für eine neue PVP-Saison integriert. Hier die kompletten Patchnotes der neuen Version:

Rebalancing of Guild Dwelling Costs and for Unlocking the Guild Province
We listened to your feedback and strongly reduced the amount of creatures that you need to deliver in order to restore guild troop dwellings. We significantly lowered the amount of needed resources for restoring the portal to the guild province.
Those guilds that already constructed guild dwellings at the higher costs will receive a two level building upgrade for these dwellings, which means that more troops will be produced by this building.

Guild dwellings which were in maintenance befor the deployment on the 15th of July were causing a synchronization error. We ended the maintenance for all guild dwellings and set the building to active again. This allows the affected guilds to use their province again and play as usual in there.

PvP Seasons:
A new PvP season will start soon

New Guild Management Building
We added the new Guild Management Building to the Guild Province. It grants access to a new Section of the Guild Province with great new features as well as giving you advanced options to manage your Guild.

These are the new features that will be available to you once you found the Guild Management Building:

Advanced Guild Overview
In the Guild Management Building you will find a more detailed overview over the members of you Guild, including information like Raid Level, Heroic Tiers or Days since last Login. In this Overview you can also leave a Guild Note for all too see. This Information then can also be accessed from the regular Guild Menu.

Guild Mail
From the Guild Management Building you will be able to write Guild Mails that get send automatically to all members of your Guild. All Guild members have the right so send Guild Mails.

Guild Alliances + Guild Alliance Chat
In the Guild Management Building you can form an Alliance with up to 3 other Guilds that have founded the Guild Management Building as well. Allied Guild can share the new Alliance Chat Channel together. A Guild can only be part of one Alliance

4 new Troop Dwellings and Resource Trader
A restored Guild Management Building also gives access to a new section of the Guild Province where you can find the remnants of 4 additional Guild Troop Dwellings and the new Resource Trader. The Resource Trader accepts payments in Prestige Points and sells Gold, Wood, Ore, Crystals and Construction Licenses in exchange.

Other New Features
Expedition Log
A Guild Log has been added for Expeditions. You can find the log in the Expedition Details, it lets you track the progress and contribution of each Guild Member to this expedition.

New Ability Reset License and Expedition License
We added two new Licenses to the Shop: The Ability Reset License lets you reset your Hero Abilities for free as long as it is active. The Expedition License only works in Expeditions and it allows you to block the reappearance of Encounters for free for the duration of the License.

Revive Option in Forgotten Sites
A Revive Button has been added to the Forgotten Sites that lets you revive Creatures that died in battle for Hero Seals. Its cost depends on the amount of Creatures you revive.

Changes to Scrolls
The Scrolls for the following Abilities have been completely removed from the game: Feeble Mind, Interdiction, Painful Bond, Taunting, Life Drain. Scrolls you already own are not affected and will remain in your inventory until you use them. The Scroll of Regeneration can now only be found in the Shop.

Additional Visual Effects disabled
To improve Performance, we disabled the Additional Visual Effects by Default for all players. If you did not experience performance problems before, you can easily reactivate the graphics option in the Options Section of the Main Menu (ESC).

Small Changes:
  • A few surprises have been added to the higher Expedition level
  • We added a small chance for very special Artefacts that can be found starting from Expedition Level 39 and higher
  • The Guild Province Portal now looks inactive, if you are not part of a Guild that has successfully restored it
  • The Guild List has been updated to incorporate the new features
  • Guild Officers now also have the right to confirm the Creature which a Guild Dwellings is going to produce
  • Guild Officers can now demote their Guild Leader if he or she has been inactive for more than 14 days
  • There is a new Announcement Window that explains the Guild Feature
  • Some Tutorials, rewards and battles in the early section of the game have been adjusted
  • Drop Chances for normal Battles and Scrolls in general have been slightly adjusted
  • The Layout for Founding a new Guild has been polished
  • If your Hero is in a Guild this gets now displayed in the Hero Selection
  • New entries added to the Log of Guild Buildings
  • Info messages of Expeditions have been updated to give more information
Bug fixes
  • The Scrollbar in the "Found guild" window is no longer overlapping text.
  • Putrid Lamasus have no longer the wrong movement symbol.
  • An Ancient Treasure has been moved so it would no longer be blocked by quest encounters.
  • Vampires/Vampire Lords will suck the blood of their living enemies again.
  • Some small wood nodes around the Whispering Plains had too much wood.
  • We have removed the exploit option of the Quest "Help Sar Khayn".
  • Some Guilds had no access to the Guild Province plaza. We gave them the access.
  • We changed the encounter names in the Guild Quests. Now every Guild Quest should work.
  • We removed the 3day Combo Tutorial Shard from the Shop for the high-level players and gave them to the low-level players who did not have them.
  • Now every Hero Seal payments will show up in the Guild log of the Guild Troop Dwelling.
  • We fixed some minor issues around parties in Expeditions.
  • When a PvP Season ends the Season Points will be reset for everyone.
  • We removed the hidden discard button in the battle rewards screen.
  • The Ignore List now will work as soon as you entered the name. No refresh required anymore.
  • It is no longer possible that some heroes won"t get anything for unlocking the next raid.
  • Now Radiant Burst of the Glories will heal them if Life Drain is applied.
  • The Many-Headed Devourer and her army in the Stadium of Strife should work now.
  • We disabled Heroic mode in the Quest battles.
  • The Death Knight Ability "Desolation” will no longer trigger more often than expected in coop battles.
  • The Void Aura of the Void Corrupted Seraphs will no longer deal damage to strike-and-return units which attacked out of the aura effect.
  • We straightened up the first Tutorial messages.
  • The Quest "Threads and Threats" will be tracked correctly.
  • We fixed the wayfinding issues of the Boss of the Forgotten Sites.
  • We fixed the Tooltips of the Ability "Vampiric Touch" in battles.


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