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Addon Heroes Chronicles » Story

  • Warlords of the Wasteland
    After generations of oppression, Tarnum discovers his people's true history and leads an army of troops against their tyrannical masters. Marching across treacherous wintry wastelands, he follows and even surpasses the deeds of the legendary barbarian king who defeated these spellcasters long ago.

  • Conquest of the Underworld
    When the soul of Queen Allison's father is kidnapped from Paradise, Tarnum escorts her through the twisting tunnels and endless cursed grounds of the Underworld. Every step of this epic journey is blocked by a fiery Inferno or foggy Necropolis from which marches demons and undead determined to make Tarnum a permanent inhabitant of the land of the dead.

  • Masters of the Elements
    The Elemental Lords end ten thousand years of peace and prepare to make the world their battleground unless Tarnum can overcome his hatred of magic and learn the spells necessary to build the Conflux and defeat them. In order to form an army capable of stopping the destruction of the world, he'll need to journey through the magic clouds, lucid pools, rocklands, and fiery fields of the elemental planes.

  • Clash of the Dragons
    Not even the elven armies of the woodland Ramparts can stand against the combined forces of Black, Red, Rust, Crystal, and Azure dragons led by the Dragon Queen Mutare. As the elves retreat into the dense forests and magic plains, Tarnum, rides forth to battle this new enemy who threatens to bring the entire world under her deadly claws.

Letztes Update:  02.03.2007

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Wird Ubisoft die Heroes-Reihe wieder zur Genre-Referenz machen?
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