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Charaktere » Die vier Rassen
» Allgemeines » Attribute » Rassen

Man wird bei der Charakterauswahl aus 4 Rassen auswählen können, die jeweils Vor- wie auch Nachteile aufweisen, so dass man diese bei der Wahl der Klasse berücksichtigen muss.

Menschen / Humans
Männlich Beschreibung Weiblich

The Humans were the first group of the four major races to nurture an expansionist philosophy. Prior to this, all races pretty much kept to themselves. They were also the first to devote a great deal of time to creating weapons and other technology to destroy things. Their resourcefulness immediately after the Great Cataclysm helped them to become the most prominent race in Chedian.

Humans are equally adept as Fighters or Initiates, and are fairly average across every Stat.

Elfs / Elfen
Männlich Beschreibung Weiblich

Before the Great Cataclysm, all the Elves in Chedian were members of one of 13 clans, who usually kept to themselves. Each of these clans had sub-clans known as Sils. Sometime before or during the Great Cataclysm, the 13 clans were scattered to the winds. After the Cataclysm, the clans began intermingling with each other, and other races. The strong clan loyalties they used to have are breaking down. It is not uncommon to see Elves drop their clan or Sil names. There is rumor of another group of Elves who live to the south who belong to a lost 14th clan known as A'Rikdun.

Elves are smaller in stature than Humans or Half-Orcs, and thus have poor Endurance (the cost to raise the Endurance Stat is 2 points per 1 point raised). However, Elves are very skilled in Accuracy (cost to raise Accuracy Stat by 2 points is only 1 point from the Points Available pool).

Zwerge / Dwarf
Männlich Beschreibung Weiblich

Dwarves are the second most common race seen in Chedian. After the Great Cataclysm, most of the Dwarves' indigenous culture was destroyed. It has since been assimilated into Human culture. Much of their traditions and skills are still handed down orally, and they still have a predisposition for living and working underground.

Dwarves are stout and strong, and therefore have excellent Endurance (the cost to raise the Endurance Stat by 2 points is 1 point from the Points Available pool). However, they are poor Magic users (the cost to raise the Magic Stat is 2 points per 1 point raised).

Halbork/ Halforc
Männlich Beschreibung Weiblich

After the Great Cataclysm, all that existed of Half-Orc Culture was lost or destroyed. They were led out of the Great Cataclysm by Ekan'dia, of a Clan of Half-Orcs known as the Dia clan. Most of the Half-Orcs today have no memories of Ekan'dia, or of any sort of Half-Orc clan distinction.

Half-Orcs are strong in Might, so they make excellent Fighters (the cost to raise the Might Stat by 2 points is 1 point from the Points Available pool). Unfortunately, their sheer size causes them to be fairly slow in Speed (the cost to raise the Speed Stat is 2 points per 1 point raised).

Letztes Update:  03.03.2007

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